A plan for our Magic City

Our mission is to provide a place for, and work with, young men and women who are at the highest risk for violence. We will reduce youth violence by getting them off the streets and into a gym, where they will be exposed to social development and mentoring programs. Changes will be made to their physical and social environment, empowering them with the confidence and support needed to say no to violence and yes to opportunity. Additionally, we will promote academic, personal, and professional achievement.

Our Vision

IN Birmingham Weightlifting will bridge the world our students live in, with the communities who only see violence in the news. In the gym, people will meet our students and hear their stories. They will train with them and witness the barriers they face every day, resulting in an immediate shift in community perception.

Our Strategy

Students who come to IN Birmingham Weightlifting will be provided with resources to help them finish school and get a job. Students most committed will be eligible for an in-house career track in personal training, as well as opportunities running the IN Birmingham Weightlifting training facility. This career path deepens their credibility and further enhances their supporting role as a mentor, to help guide future students.


The uniqueness of IN Birmingham Weightlifting is the intersection of Vision, Funding, and Impact. Our students will finish school and get jobs. They will meet new people and gain hope and opportunity. Individuals from various communities experience what IN Birmingham Weightlifting is able to accomplish. They leave the gym not only with a great workout, but also with a new understanding of a complicated social issue, and the opportunity for a solution. They leave with a story that keeps them coming back and telling others. Within our facility there is hope, opportunity, and a positive environment for our students to be part of. As more and more people engage with our students, a sense of community is strengthened, uniting us with a purpose; to embrace the responsibility of advancing the well being of our youth.